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  1. I served as pastor of Faith Church in Livonia, MI, from 1999 until 2015. When the congregation of Faith reached the prayer-full decision that the most faithful thing we could do was accept an unsolicited offer to buy our property, the congregation merged with Holy Cross Church, also of Livonia. The Schwidder triptych, with panels depicting the image of the Tree of Life (from Revelation) and its “fruit for the healing of the nations,” with an identifying-styled “corpus” or body of the Crucified Christ in that tree of the cross, which hung above and behind the altar in Faith’s chancel was carefully removed and is currently on display in the music room at Holy Cross while chancel modifications are being considered to combine the organ from Faith with the organ from Holy Cross. It is anticipated, at least in some part in this preliminary stage, that the triptych will occupy a central place in that remodeled chancel.

    The Faith website, on which the triptych may be seen, will be “up” for at least a little while longer.

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