About The Ernst Schwidder Project

Working to investigate, interpret, preserve, and to promote appreciation of the liturgical art of Ernst Schwidder (1931-1998) as it enhances the worship and education life of the Church.

The Ernst Schwidder Archives are housed at Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana.

Joel Nickel:
Richard Tietjen:
Roger Sylwester:


8 thoughts on “About The Ernst Schwidder Project

  1. Is there a listing of all of the Schwidder instalations? I would like to visit a few of them in the Pacific Northwest.

    • Mark…You are our first comment. Congratulations. Alas, we are now in the slow
      process of figuring out how to navigate WordPress. The first one was set up for us
      as a template and we’ve not become facile otherwise. Stay tuned. To answer your question, we have recorded pictures and comments from nearly 150 sites (from over 300) we have visited in over 12 states all stored in 8 or 9 3-ring binders from which we are only now beginning the process of posting. …richard…

    • Mark…
      Colleague Joel and I are this weekend on the way for several site visits in central and eastern WA; to wit: in Yakima: Wesley UMC; Central Lutheran Church; Saint Paul Roman Catholic Cathedral. In Cheney – Emmanuel Lutheran Church. In Spokane – St. Mark’s Lutheran Church. In Walla Walla – Emmanuel Lutheran Church. And in Milton-
      Freewater, OR – Christ the King Lutheran Church. We are yet in search of a website
      posting assistance.

    • Mark…
      I am informed that the world ever shrinks and that you have come to know Mary
      Jurgensen whose father (in his youth) was member of the parish I served in Cinti.
      and we have kept contact over now many years. I am near term-limited (after 7 years) on the Board of Directors of LuthCommServicesNW and have had occasion to visit
      McMinnville in that connection. Perhaps again and, if so, meet in person. …dick…

  2. Hi,

    I am the new pastor at Grace Lutheran in Grass Valley, CA and we have a large collection of Schwidder work that he did for our sanctuary. It’s all concerning the mountains of God.

  3. Thanx for your comments. My colleague Joel Nickel was @ GLC more than a year ago at which time he photographed the Schwidder art and as soon as we acquire the needed skills to upload on to our website the photos we have taken from over 150 of the more than 300 designs Schwidder executed during his long career from the late 1950′s through his death in 1998. So keep checking. We also hope to network all the congregations so that they can be in touch with each other as they wish. I will personally be in No. CA in late Sept. and if time allows will try to drop by and see you. The Rev. retired Richard H. Tietjen

  4. If you all need help posting or putting up photos on the website let me know. I’d love to be able to help you out. Feel free to e-mail me.

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